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Founded in 1966, CILAS is a pioneer in the field of lasers in France and a historical supplier to the armed forces.
A recognized expert in laser and optronics, CILAS, supplies equipment and systems for the Defense, Security and Space sectors for the main international players.
To achieve this, CILAS relies on its multi-trade design office, its production team and its sales network. In addition, CILAS works in collaboration with an academic network, small and large industrial structures.


DHY 208 14th July 2019
Perseverance SuperCam Mars2020
Cilas For any type of correction needed, CILAS proposes the best adaptive optics system
Cilas header laser integration and innovation old
Cilas An expert team will design the most appropriate mirror type matching the requirements
    01 05
    CILAS laser target designators are in operation for more than 20 years and are constantly improved
    CILAS products are on Mars
    CILAS proposes the best adaptive optics system
    CILAS works on the Laser Megajoule (LMJ) scientific program
    CILAS talents works in a scientific and defense environment