Innovative laser weapons by CILAS

The HELMA product line

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The eminently strategic nature of CILAS will become even more important with the emergence of laser weapons.
Florence Parly
French Minister of the Armed Forces
HELMA-P Already available

The middle power directed energy laser weapon for defence and security applications with 100% hit on C-UAVs

  • Developped with ArianeGroup
  • Designed to engage on-fly UAV(class I) and asymetric threats
  • Detect, track and neutralise targets
  • Protect sensitive civil or military sites, convoys and ships
  • Safe system, equipped with a LIDAR
  • Stealth solution: silent device and invisible laser beam
  • Based on combat proven technologies
  • Easy to deploy

HELMA-P is adaptable on vehicles, robots, ships and interoperable with any C2 (Command and Contraol) systems and BMS (Battle Management System)

HELMA-XP Available in 2027

The high power directed energy laser weapon in development for defence applications

  • Development of the laser source for military applications
  • Compact design laser able to quickly and precisly neutralise an agile target i.e. Rocket Artillery and Mortar (C-RAM) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (C-UAV)
  • Embedded on different platforms (maritime, land and air systems)
  • Coherent beam combination innovative approach to deliver maximum laser power density onto the target

As part of the studies on HELMA-XP, CILAS leads a European consortium called TALOS and is part of the DEW on ships program.

Laser effector

Focusing on targets

The HELMA product line is able to target fixed and moving systems with extreme accuracy in open field or urban area. The effects range from dazzling of optical sensors to destruction of equipment.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicules (UAVs)
  • Ground robots
  • Radars and optical sensors
  • Improvised explosive devices (IED) & mines
  • Soft targets (ammunition, boxes, barrels)
  • Rocket Artillery and Mortar (RAM)