Laser Target Designation

DHY 308 & DHY 208, a new generation of designators


Operational efficiency at your service

CILAS Ground Laser Target Designators (GLTDs) include laser modules providing ultra-compact solution for optronics payloads of helicopters, UAVs and land platforms. They have been designed with proprietary, compliant with export regulations (ITAR), laser athermal technology to provide high performance Semi Active Laser guidance.

Laser target designators

CILAS’ Laser Target Designators have been successfully fielded by major defense forces such as NATO armed forces, the French Defense Forces and modern defense forces around the world.

A solid reputation

In operation for more than 20 years, CILAS Laser Target Designators have demonstrated their reliability under all critical environments by day and night. They are suited for closed air support missions, forward observer operations and forward air control missions.

Range of Ground Laser Target Designators

All CILAS GLTDs provide high precision guidance. CILAS develops its product range in order to make its GLTDs smaller and lighter with improved performance.

Cilas DHY 307 cut

DHY 307:

  • Range finding up to 20 km
  • Extended illumination duration
  • NATO and Russian standards compatibility

The new generation:

Cilas laser target designation DHY 308

DHY 308:

  • 2,9 kg class
  • Output energy > 80 mJ
  • Range finding up to 20 km and designation performance up to 10 km
  • Improved performance
Cilas laser target designation DHY 208

DHY 208:

  • 1,8 kg class
  • Output energy > 30 mJ
  • Range finding up to 4 km

Laser Designation Modules

Based on the same technology, CILAS offers OEM designation modules for Semi Active Laser guidance, adapted to gimble payloads and fire control systems. These modules for airborne designator and electro-optical systems are compliant with export regulations (ITAR).

Cilas Aladem cut


  • Light (1.5 kg class)
  • Compliant with STANAG 4370 and STANAG 3733