Sniper & Observer Detection

The SLD 500 detectors


Detect, localize and identify the optical systems targeting you.


Protection First

CILAS proposes the ultimate pre-shot sniper detectors: the SLD 500 systems. They detect  any hostile observer using optical scopes or goggles.

Dedicated to protect critical infrastructures, borders or sensitive areas such as:

  • FOBs,
  • Governmental buildings,
  • Troops in operation
  • Or VIPs

Easy to operate

Set up from scratch in less than 15 minutes, this contributes also to provide a maximum security to friendly forces or to protect an area from invisible threats.

A comprehensive system

The system can be controlled by an operator or set in a full automatic detection for a 24/7 surveillance with video recording.

When a threat is detected, an alarm will pop-up and the SLD 500 will immediately provide its GPS position and exact distance, allowing counter-sniping teams to respond quietly and quickly. The system can be combined with various thermal imagers for night operations.

The SLD 500 LR (Long Range) is a long-range version well adapted for urban and complex environments. It is equipped with a long-range-day camera for clear visual identifications up to 1000m and a long-range-thermal camera allowing night operations.

Detection, Localization, Identification

The system is largely deployed, within several security forces for VIP gatherings and governmental buildings.

Range of sniper & Observer detectors

Cilas product sniper obseration cut old

The SLD 500 provides:

  • A detection range > 2km
  • An operation use 24/7, with/without operator
Cilas sniper observer detection SLD 500 LR

The SLD 500 LR provides:

  • A higher identification with long range IR and day camera
  • A detection identical to the SLD 500
Cilas sniper observer detection SLD 500

The SLD 500 LRV provides:

  • A fast and mobile deployment on a vehicle
  • A detection range up to 2 km