Spaceborne lasers for LIDAR & telecommunications


Optical Amplifiers for laser satellite communictions

What is an High Power Optical Amplifier?

Amplifiers are inserted at specific places to boost optical signals in a communications terminal. Those amplifiers are called high power optical amplifier (HPOA).

An optical fiber amplifier is used in transmitting data in fiber optic communication systems.


Where do we use HPOA?

HPOAs can be used on communications terminals in space and in the ground to amplify space-ground signals.

At CILAS, we develop the HPOAs for the space-ground link in LEO and GEO orbit.

For which applications?

  • Feeder LEO down link for LEO constellation telecommunication
  • Feeder GEO down link for high capacity telecommunication
  • Optical high speed telemetry for Earth Observation satellites (LEO)

Product features & advantages

high power optical amplifier
  • 5W or 10W optical power @1,5┬Ám
  • Extended mission lifetime of up to 15 years GEO
  • Multi channels amplification to increase throughput (multiplexer-MUX up to 5 channels)
  • Ultra compact: 2 liters/2kg
  • Product already ground tested in a communication chain by a prime contractor
  • The 10W version can be intagrated in a high throughput laser communication terminal – LCT by multiplexing several units to achieve high optical power
  • Our customers have confidence in the CILAS technology as the 5W has already been ordered to be integrated into a payload
  • 2022 Booster 5W: first model ready

High energy pulsed laser for spaceborne LIDAR

3D wind mapping of the atmosphere for improved weather forecast and global warming study

Applications & advantages

high energy laser for spaceborne lidar
  • High efficiency
  • Very long range propagation and measurement: laser energy up tu 400 mJ
  • Very short warm-up: < 5 sec, reduced number of solar cells and satellite weight
  • High axial resolution: pulse duration 3 to 50 nsec
  • High data throughput and high spatial resolution: pulse repetition rate up to 100 Hz
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    CILAS works on a project called High Energy Laser for Improved Aeronautic Materials (HELIAM2)

    HELIAM2 is co-financed by the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).