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Success of the first HELMA-P laser firings on UAVs in flight 11-10-2020 |  3 minutes

  • In mid-October, the first tests of the HELMA-P laser effector developed by CILAS and ArianeGroup took place.
  • This is the first time in France that a drone in flight has been destroyed by a laser.
  • The French Defense Innovation Agency (AID) and the French defense procurement agency (DGA) supported CILAS in operating the system at the Biscarrosse «Centre d’Essais des Landes».

Success from the very first shots

HELMA-P convinced from the very first shots with its precision, efficiency and ability to neutralize in-flight targets up to one kilometer away in a matter of seconds.

All firings systematically destroyed UAVs capable of speeds above 50 km/h and in difficult target tracking conditions.

HELMA-P provides operational units and internal security forces with a new weapon with a technological breakthrough. Effective at greater distances and providing a radical effect, HELMA-P can support other anti-UAV technologies. HELMA-P is therefore the ultimate neutralization solution.

These first tests at Biscarrosse are a success and must be continued in order to fully characterize the performance of the effector, particularly in terms of range and according to different operational scenarios.

HELMA-P demonstrator
HELMA-P illustration
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    About HELMA-P

    The HELMA-P laser effector is a response to the threat posed by UAVs and in particular mini UAVs. Its mission will be to secure operations on national territory during events and to support external operations by identifying, tracking and neutralizing the fixed or agile threat.
    The system is offered in fixed or vehicle-integrated configurations and is compatible with a C2 (Command and Control) process or a BMS (Battle Management System).

    HELMA-P can be used, for example :
    • in the field of UAV control for the protection of sensitive civil or military sites and convoys;
    • against improvised explosive devices by neutralizing explosives or destroying electronics ;
    • in the context of preparing operations, neutralizing light sensors, camera jamming or even de-camouflaging.

    In addition to UAV combat, HELMA-P provides considerable operational gains in air-land combat.
    The laser effector is capable of damaging the defense and reaction potential of the enemy before an action. HELMA-P is therefore also a system to support the engagement of forces .

    HELMA-P benefits from the financial support of AID, the Centre-Val de Loire region and ArianeGroup.


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